On “Assault” Rifles


Trained by the USMC to handle it, carry it, drill with it, take it apart and, of course, shoot to kill with it – oh, and, ugh, clean it (still have nightmares about The Basic School: “carbon on the notch, Savage!”). Treated it from 1987-1991 better than I treated my girlfriends (not proud, just a fact). Slept with it in the jungles of Panama and the deserts of Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Kept it cleaner and drier than my own body at all times. Employed it as an extension of my self in combat – and, thanks be to God, never had to kill another human being with it. Don’t own one, but ought to. Certainly can’t afford one now. Semi, 3-round burst or even fully-auto with a 10-, 30- or million-round magazine doesn’t matter. Know that the English Bill of Rights of 1689, upon which the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is based, codified a long-established natural right to deter and, if necessary, repel, tyrants. Believe that ALL wars the U.S. has fought could have been avoided or settled without bloodshed. Dislike neo-cons and other chicken-hawks as much as I dislike bed-wetting gun-controlling liberals. Really don’t like guns much, but like them better than the government that wants to take them away.

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