After haranguing my Facebook friends and “friends” for way too long, I’ve decided to spare that semi-captive audience my hasty tirades, leaving them only with an ever-evolving photo album of my kids, and direct my discontent here, where, probably, no one will notice. Should you have stumbled upon this site by accident and need directions to a better neighborhood, please click here. If you are visiting intentionally – and are not from any of the investigative agencies of the Federal government, a whiny member of a “protected” class or a bill collector – then, welcome.

Here you will find an assortment of blurbs, posts, essays, interjections, regurgitations, photos, cartoons and more. Targets are not limited to, but do overwhelmingly include anyone in government – except, of course, Ron Paul (who is actually no longer in government, sigh) – liberals, RINOs (especially the neo-con variety), war-mongers, gun-controllers, Hollywood, radical chic-sters, abortionistas, anti-anti-Federalists (which is really confusing because the original “Anti-Federalists” were actually federalists), bullies (but not “bullies”) and “victims” (but not victims).

Should you, dear reader, ever feel compelled to demand equal time or otherwise respond, please do so in the comment boxes below every post. Or feel free to email me at  I look forward to reading and posting your thoughtfulnesses.

Thanks for visiting.